Old Time Stringband Jam - 1st and 3rd Tuesdays

If you appreciate traditional music you should stop by The Kraken on String Band Tuesdays! An established group of Old Time String Band players gather here on the first and third Tuesdays of the month... you know, the odd ones. It's a truly unique roadhouse experience!


The music starts promptly at 7pm and usually ends right around 10pm, although there's occasionally a tight circle of passionate folks who keep playing later since it's impossible to stop a good thing once it's gained momentum.


Come on out even if you can't play an instrument! Join in with people who are here to simply witness the continuation of an historical tradition. If you do play traditional music, please join in with these entertaining and kind musicians who always seem willing to share their knowledge and passion. It's a great evening for all with fun conversation, travelling stories, world insights, and the occasional humorous jokes... not to mention top-shelf gin and draught beer on special to help tune your instruments.


Since 2015, we've hosted a solid crew local musicians, folks just stopping in, and friends who travel across the world to participate in these special events. Typically, 15-30 folks join together and graciously welcome new participants. We're always impressed at how many people rotate through the group from all over the country, sometimes just back from touring across the world reviving and celebrating the music's long lost roots.


In addition to guitars, banjos, fiddles, and the like, there are also folks who bring their stand-up basses, sticks, spoons, harmonicas, accordions, and occasionally more unusual contributions... not to mention the regular clogging sessions that add percussion in the background or even in the center of the circle.



7pm-10 or 11pm-ish

$Free... no cover (as usual) to enjoy or join in with good neighbors and musicians