Membership Policy

As determined by North Carolina State Law, in order to serve spirits without serving food, The Kraken must be classified as a Private Club and adhere to rules set out by N.C. law, as enforced by the North Carolina ALE Commission. This membership policy details the mutual responsibilities required of all of us to comply with current NC ABC regulations.


The Kraken is a private club open to its members and their guests. Membership costs $1.00.  If you are coming in to see a show here for the first time, don't worry!  Ask the bar staff how to sign you and your friends up and we will immediately issue your membership card after receiving your completed application.  If you can provide proper identification, then you are fine -- if not, you may be refused service.  If for some reason we can't immediately issue your membership card, your new membership card will be available from Kraken staff within the following month.  Membership Applications and Rosters will be kept on hand.  The Kraken staff cannot legally solicit members to sponsor non-members who arrive at the door or bar.

The Kraken management and staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, the right to suspend or revoke membership, and the right to remove anyone from the property for disorderly conduct, fighting, drug activity or other dangerous activities on or about the licensed premises.

As these are legal requirements, The Kraken requests that its members and their guests respect this policy.  Additionally, The Kraken requests nobody engages in harmful, demeaning, or hateful speech regarding sex, race, political belief, religious belief or gender identity; nobody carries weapons, concealed or otherwise, onto the premises; and that everyone provides for their own safe transport or, failing that, requests advice for safe transport.