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Friday June 26th - LUD with Nocturne Jive

Oh yeah, we're rocking tonight!  The musicians of LUD and Nocturne Jive have individually and collectively rocked Chapel Hill and North Carolina for years.  On top of that, Ellie is back from the west coast and will be your bartender for the evening!  Wish her a happy birthday!



Brian Settle, Kirk Ross, Tim Salemy and Sara Bell bring it on year after year in music and media and life in general.  Don't miss them!

"Started a couple of decades ago as all improvisational music. Lud evolved over the years; touching on noise/punk rockery, psychedelic and soul; Finally settling into something akin to that nebulous category of Americana. There's still a big stain made by big rocking guitars and healthy forays into wobbling clouds of musical dust. "






Nocturne Jive

Nocturne Jive opens the evening with their "ear movies." Teeth-grinding, mind bending, psychedelic jazzy/surf/twilight rock with numerous influences including The Ventures, The Ink Spots, King Crimson, Nick Cave and The Yardbirds.

Featuring Andrew Maltbie (Zen Frizbee/Family Dollar Pharaohs, Zen Frisbee & Dexter Romwebber Trio), William Maltbie (Iron Will & the Chain Gang), Simeon Berkley (Bastages, Simeon, Mind Sirens), and
Tanner Willeford on keys.





$Free, please tip bands and bartenders generously!

Saturday June 27th - Dubtown Cosmonauts

Every month there's a tricky night to book... sometimes it's a holiday, sometimes it's a late cancellation, and sometimes it's just a night that nobody can play or any combination of these and other factors.  Tonight was one of those nights, and after stretching every tentacle out, we've ended up scoring huge, funky treasure.  The Dubtown Cosmonauts are going to funk and jam our pants off tonight, on the heels of playing the Big What Festival.


Dubtown Cosmonauts

Dubtown Cosmonauts are a collaboration of musicians whose hearts and souls rest in the beaches of Wilmington, North Carolina. Their high-energy, audience-captivating sets will bring you everything you could possibly want in a live show: funky, upbeat originals, mind-bending solos coming at you from all angles, and an impressive and eclectic catalog of carefully selected covers that keep the audience wondering which musical direction the band will take them next.

The amount of talent within The Cosmonauts is undeniable, and word of the band’s hard work is quickly spreading across the east coast. It’s safe to say that when Dubtown comes to town, there’s not a person in the room who doesn’t have a good time.

"[Dubtown Cosmonauts] have managed to create a cozy niche for themselves on Wilmington's busy music scene, playing a steady stream of gigs, both local and not-so-local, and building a solid reputation as a band that gives its audience an exuberant performance each time it takes the stage."

Nikki Mastroieni - Star News









$Free, please tip your band and bartender generously!

Sunday June 28th - Last Sunday Pool Tournament

Every last Sunday of the month The Kraken hosts an 8-ball Double Elimination Pool Tournament on our humble eight-foot Dynamo table.  Enjoy the AC and test your skills against some fun, sharp players.

Rules are honest bar rules: call your shots, bad hits cue ball stays in place, scratches shoot behind the line.  Proceeds are determined by number of players.  Our pool table runs quite true, and the rails are surprisingly resilient, but we're planning on resurfacing the felt and replacing all pockets and rails as soon as we can arrange.

As always, you should be present by the 6pm start-time if you don't sign-up at the bar in advance. Maximum participants are sixteen players, so we encourage you to show up early, or ask your bartender to sign up in advance.

This week looks to be the largest tournament yet with a lot of new people expressing interest.




$10 entry and possibly free Pizza

Friday July 3rd - Off The Road Band

Starting at 8pm, The Off The Road Band brings serves up an enchanting evening of Bluegrass with a dash of blues and sides of harmonies and story telling.


Off The Road Band

Betsy Clarke - Fiddle and Vocals

Michael Chandler - Electric and Upright Bass

David Haynes - Drums and Vocals

Bill Joyner - Banjo

Mitch Renkow - Guitar, Accordion and Vocals

Dorsey Worthy - Mandolin and Trumpet



$Free, please tip band and bartenders!


Saturday July 4th - Evil Wiener Weiner Roast with Nannerhead!

The 15th annual Evil Wiener Weiner Roast comes to The Kraken for the first time this year!  Billy Sugarfix is back from Prague to help us celebrate 'Merca!!!  Locals all, they asked Draxx to provide some Nannerhead to open the music at 9pm.  Holy banana!

Stop by at 7:30pm to get some beer-boiled and grilled dogs, with all kinds of fixins...  We're thinking dawgs, kraut, slaw, chili, beans, nanner pudding and who knows what condiments!


Evil Wiener

Evil Wiener started out as a support group for wayward drummers. Groves Willer and Billy Sugarfix took up guitars to prove that they could play them as well as the multitude of misguided guitarists that so often disgraced drum kits after feeling the glow of learning the basic rock beat. And prove it they did, and prove it they still do. Chuck, the undisputed king of Chapel Hill Indie Rock percussion patiently mans his thrown whilst Groves and Billy feel their way through sets dressed as Elves, Grim Reapers, Shooting Stars and Obscure French Christmas Characters. Evil Wiener are SO much better than your band. Man, don't even try to dispute it. Don't even pretend to try to dispute it. Don't even DREAM of pretending to try to dispute it. Jerk. Baby.




Local scion, Draxx, brings his band back to The Kraken!  They're like Southern Culture on the Rocks, and then some.  You never know how these folks will surprise you on any given night.





Wiener roast at 7:30pm

9pm band time

$Free, but we strongly suggest you tip your your bands and bartenders and wiener roasters.


Friday July 10th - Too Much Fun with The Doug Prescott Band

Ready to dance?!  Superstar local musicians, Too Much Fun is back to help you shake your moneymaker with the help of The Doug Prescott Band.


Too Much Fun

What began as a group of guys getting together to share some music and beers and fun has turned into more than twenty five years of sharing music and beers, and way Too Much Fun!  They've played clubs and festivals and dances across the state and you cannot resist moving.

They can jump, they can swing, they can flat out rock. They play the blues, they play from the roots, they are tight, they are loose.  One minute it's a tasty four part harmony, the next it's a barrelhouse rocker. They play a mix of originals and cover songs with one of the most solid rhythm sections around.

Lance White on guitar and vocals; Berkeley Grimball on sax, guitar, and vocals; Bobby Schopler on harp and vocals; Rob McIntire on bass and vocals; and Larry Duckworth on drums.




The Doug Prescott Band

We're excited to have The Doug Prescott Band supporting their newly released CD, "Karma & The Big Caboose". Just a glance through the talent roster on this CD will be enough to make you want to give a listen, from Craig Fuller of Little Feat and Pure Prairie League to Tom Maxwell (Squirrel Nut Zippers) to Allyn Love (Steve Wariner) and Eddie Blair (Nantucket). This is truly Americana, with a root of blues rock, with influences from Little Feat to The Neville Brothers, and from The Eagles to Bob Marley.

“Six musicians from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the magic of blues, rock, country , soul, R & B , Roots and everything in between and around an exciting and incredibly diverse mix as you do not get to hear him every day. With skill and passion DOUG BAND PRESCOTT is already on their fourth album recording again to swing. Groovy , enthralling , catchy, smooth , sometimes quirky, sometimes rumbling , but always competent and convincing presents the musicians sextet energetic eight Prescott originals and two cover songs ( " Thinkin ' For Yourself ", "" Sailin ' Shoes " ) titled on the Karma & The Big Caboose CD . You will be enchanted and take you on a tour full of surprises Americana in the truest sense of the word. Powerful, fresh, different !”





$Free, Please tip your bands and bartenders!