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Friday June 24th - Last Tuesday featuring Stringdaddy & Friends

It's going to be a good ol' time at The Kraken tonight with Last Tuesday, featuring Stringdaddy and many special friends joining in.  The show starts around 8pm with Mario and Thomas, a few tunes. Bruce Wilks and Bob Hartford reiunite the “Not Dead Yet” band for a few tunes with Del Ward making a special superstar appearance. We're hoping to hear some of Del's tunes with Bob, Mario, and the drum section.  Last Tuesday will take the stage to close the night, with Wilks joining in on Blues harp, and Del in vocals and guitars.



Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday delivers an authentic, polished rock and soul sound. The soulful voice of Mario Milner fronts the band. Mario a recording artist who has worked with Sprede-lectric, Moxie McCloy and Mo'Scocious. Bob Hartford brings 50 years of guitar playing, song write and publishing. He's played in a quite a number of bands over the years, most recently in local band, Not Dead Yet. Tim Nicholson provides the foundation with truly incredible percussion that he's shared with bands across several continents.  Guy Loranger brings his Bostonian studio experience to the stage as a hand percussionist.







$Free - Please tip bands and bartenders generously!



Saturday June 25th - Herded Cats

We're excited to have The Herded Cats back at The Kraken this Saturday!  This band is well known and loved in North Carolina Blues joints, festivals, and more.



The Herded Cats

A wandering band of blues cats that occasionally have to be corralled. When they are corralled the windows have been known to steam up.

Sallie Gossett on vocals will send shivers up your spine. Think Koko Taylor, Etta James, BB King, SRV, Howlin' Wolf...yeah...you get the picture! Backed by talented guitarists such as Kelly Howerton, 2015 International Blues Challenge solo winner for the Triangle, David Hackney and Robert Humphreys from the NOMADS Band from Chapel Hill joining in on the guitar and saxophone, respectively - with the rhythm section holding it all together - Herb Shelly on drums, Ed Moon and/or Anne Shrago on bass - well, you've got a dance party in the house!







$Free - Please tip bands and bartenders generously!



Friday July 1st - Butter AND Hot Rooster

We hope you're ready to join some funky action tonight at The Kraken!  We've got a great double bill starting around 8pm with Hot Rooster who've gathered a reputation of waking folks all around the triangle area.  Butter closes out the funky night with their dash of soul spice.  Don't be afraid to get on the dance floor.  Go on and stretch your legs and arms, and exercise your hips and booty...  it's healthy and fun!



Butter brings on solid North Carolina funk.  Their live performance is purely electric and features sets of original and classic straight-up funk, soul and rock.  Experience The Gorgan, their guitar/keyboard hybrid that really twists it up tight.

These guys have played with or shared the stage with such artists as Suzanne Vega, Burning Spear, The Psychedelic Furs, Alex Chilton, Living Color, Cowboy Junkies, and Adrian Belew and cite influences including Lee Micheals, Big Organ Trio, and the BlackKeys.

They recently won Relix Magazine's Jam-Off song contest which resulted in coverage in the Apr/May issue, as well as Blurt Magazine's Best Kept Secret and are getting online airplay even as they work on their first official release.  Plan B(utter) is in the house tonight.


Brad Newell - guitar and vox

Vattel Cherry - bass and vox

Thomas Montgomery - drums and vox


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAioHA0AVBk (Current lineup with backup singers)


http://www.reverbnation.com/butternc (Former lineup)




Hot Rooster

Hot Rooster is a funky stew of brothers and old friends, Orange County soul and Gallus Domesticus Burlingtonus(that's the Rooster from Burlington NC). They have been refining their groove for many years now. It started with a Blues Brothersesque mission to get back in the groove for Leland, Vern and Kevin. Rodney "The Rooster" Dixon, was resuscitated from a Lazyboy/Jameson induced stupor and continues to shred even when wearing a cable knit sweater and loafers. Joe Waddell joined the band full time in 2008 and took the band to another level with his soulful singing and keyboard playing. His contributions helped make their fourth album, Into Your Own, the best so far. Kiki Troo joined the guys in 2014 when Leland asked her to come up and sing "whatever you want" after her reggae band opened for Hot Rooster at a surprise wedding. The 6th album has lyrics and vocals from both Joe and Kiki who balance their varied styles and play off of each other as Hot Rooster continues to constantly create new soulful jams....ever evolving like the world around us.


Leland Little- guitar and vocals

Vernon Little- drums and choreography

Kevin Murphy- bass and vocals

Rodney Dixon- guitar and vocals

Joe Waddell- keyboard, vocals

Kiki Troo - vocals, cabasa, steel drum, other percussion, captain of the dance team...







$Free - Please tip your bands and bartenders generously!



Monday July 4th - Evil Wiener Roast with Psycho Acoustics Research and Development

Happy Rockin' Independence Day, America!  To celebrate our nation, and our nation's founding official food, Evil Wiener is lighting it up The Kraken again this year on Monday, July 4th!  In revolutionary tradition, they bring out some old-school Chapel Hill Fireworks by bringing Psycho Acoustics Research and Development back to blast off the holiday!

The Kraken happily supplies the wieners and fixins including our own homemade sauerkraut, and we're very happy to announce that Tom Vanaman has agreed to be the grillmeister for the night!  If you're willing to spell Tom as a sous-grillmeister, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Cooking wieners earns privileges...



Evil Wiener

Evil Wiener started out as a support group for wayward drummers. Groves Willer and Billy Sugarfix took up guitars to prove that they could play them as well as the multitude of misguided guitarists that so often disgraced drum kits after feeling the glow of learning the basic rock beat. And prove it they did, and prove it they still do. Chuck, the undisputed king of Chapel Hill Indie Rock percussion patiently mans his throne whilst Groves and Billy feel their way through sets dressed as Elves, Grim Reapers, Shooting Stars and Obscure French Christmas Characters. Evil Wiener are SO much better than your band. Man, don't even try to dispute it. Don't even pretend to try to dispute it. Don't even DREAM of pretending to try to dispute it. Jerk. Baby.




Psycho Acoustics Research and Development

If you went to Appalachian State in the late 80s, or if you hung out at Peppers or witnessed early 90s Chapel Hill music scene, you likely ran across Psycho Acoustics Research and Development.  They will take you right back to those days.  As best we know, they've only played once in the new century, and we're psyched to have them perform at the Wiener Roast to help celebrate our Independence!

The following is paraphrased from "What is Psychoacoustics Research and Development", written by Brian Howe in The IndyWeek 2014-02-27:

To the best of Steve Carter's recollection, the band formed in Boone in 1987 before relocating to the Triangle around 1992, playing in the area for a few years before singer Karsten Schroeer moved away. “We used to tell people that our music was like a cross between Black Sabbath and Janet Jackson,” Carter says. “Well, more like Black Sabbath picks up Janet Jackson at some dive bar in Atlanta, and then they head back to Sabbath’s place for some wild, uninhibited sex. No, wait, this is it: Black Sabbath running over Janet Jackson in a custom van.”

The other members of the band - Lawrence Winn and Jeff "Scooter" Umbarger — remained in the Triangle and would occasionally reunite to play a show when Schroeer returned to visit his family. The musicians have connections to tribute projects such as Heart of Glass, which covers Blondie, and Garmonbozia, which covers the Twin Peaks soundtrack, as well as bands such as Marsha, Dirty Feather Boas and Aftertax.

But what about that lone video, so redolent of the Archers of Loaf-era? “Memories,” Carter says. “You know, the excessive use of strobe lights have kind of scrambled those.” The video was edited at ASU by Charles Bowes, Carter’s best friend, who now lives in Toronto.

“I think some of the footage came from a house party we played in Boone,” Carter says, “and some from a show at Infinity’s in Greensboro. Hallucinogens were pretty big in Boone, and we really tried to play to that audience. Lights, fog, strobes, sometimes films from the ASU library: High-energy, danceable and loud. I’m getting a headache remembering all the fog. You’d get these boogers...but hey, maybe that’s too much information.”







Wiener roast at 7:30pm

9pm band time

$Free - Please tip your your bands and bartenders and wiener roasters generously!



Tuesday July 5th - Old Time Stringband Jam

Some of our regular string band folks are touring the world right now, but we expect that this full moon solstice session will be spectacular. Weather reports predict a hot day and a cool night, so we may have more porch sessions going on to close the evening.


If you haven't heard about this event yet, you need to get in on it right now... an established group of Old Time String Band players gather at The Kraken on the first and third and occasional fifth Tuesdays of the month... you know, the odd ones.


The music starts promptly at 7pm and usually ends right around 10pm, although there's occasionally a tight circle of dedicated musicians who keep playing later since it's impossible to stop a good thing once it's gained momentum.


Come on out even if you can't play an instrument... Join a good number of folks who are here to simply witness beautiful efforts to continue a historical tradition.  You will have the honor of joining or at least witnessing some of the most skilled old-time musicians in the area.  As time goes on, we see more and more musicians who have played in major acts joining in.  You'll recognize them, particularly if you've been around for a while.


For the past eight months or so, we've hosted these wonderful local musicians and their friends who travel across the world to participate in these special events. Typically, 15-30 folks join together and graciously welcome new participants.  We're impressed at how many people rotate through the group from all over the country, sometimes just back from touring across the world reviving and celebrating the music's long lost roots.


In addition to guitars, banjos, fiddles, and the like, there are also folks who bring their stand-up basses, sticks, spoons, harmonicas, accordions, and occasionally more unusual contributions... not to mention the regular clogging sessions that add percussion in the background or even in the center of the circle.



7pm-10 or 11pm-ish

$Free... no cover (as usual) to enjoy or join in with good neighbors and musicians



The Kraken online links and news!

There are a few other North American Krakens: a bar in California and one in Washington, a food truck in British Columbia, and a "gastropub" in South Carolina.  I think it's safe to say that we our venue is the most storied of them all.  We do look forward to visiting each of them and rubbing tentacles.

Happy Spring Everyone!


Kraken Early Spring Update!


* As always, we've got a solid lineup of spectacular bands every Friday and Saturday and a few other special nights.  Stay tuned!


* The Food Truck situation is once again up in the air, but we're hoping to re-establish a new regular weekend schedule.  We'll keep you posted.


* Come out for Monday Movie Matinees on our big screen!  We'll also project big sporting events, and other special broadcasts.  Over the Summer we may do some of the projections outside.  Also, Rocky Horror Picture Show.


* Thanks to all of you for suggestions regarding our liquor and beer menu!  The newest spirits are Wild Turkey 101, Tanqueray, Bullet Rye, Glen Livet 12 year, Sauza Silver and Don Julio.  We've also introduced local bottled beers from Big Boss and Nantahala Brewery:  Hell's Belle Belgian style ale and Angry Angel Kolsch style ale from Raleigh, and Noon Day IPA and Dirty Girl Blonde from Bryson City.  We're also introducing selections on tap from Yesteryears Brewery in Carrboro in addition to our Mystery Brewing and Haw River Farmhouse choice beers.  We plan to keep rotating good local beers on tap.


* Our sweet dart board is inspiring some good games recently. Ask your bartender to turn on the stage lights when you request one or both sets of quality darts we keep behind the bar.  Scoreboard coming soon.


* Keep posted for other exciting events coming up, such as the Chili Cookoff on April 30th!




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