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Friday January 20th - Pete Pawsey & Radar's Local Clowns of Sedation and more!

There's never a dull moment at The Kraken, and tonight is no exception with Pete Pawsey and Radar's Clowns of Sedation presenting their alternative collage of blues and soul. Our good local friends Doug Guild, Tim Carless and Larry Duckworth join in the fun!  There will be solo sets and possible guests setting up the stage for the gathering of Clowns.



Pete Pawsey and Radar's Clowns of Sedation

Pete Pawsey is best known these days as a local pied-piper with a merry band of musicians, namely billed as Radar's Clowns of Sedation.  Tonight Pete brings yet another creative line-up with more local favorites.

"This is the blues kids used to sneak away from their parents to hear. This is the blues that used to get banned from the radio. This is is the blues said the things that god folk didn’t have the guts to hear."

This free-floating arc of local talent crystallizes tonight with the original songs of ex-pat Brit P.T. Pawsey and much, much more.

Tonight we enjoy such clowns as Doug Guild, Tim Carless and Larry Duckworth!

Past guest Clowns include: Lance Westerlund, Jackson Parrish, Sean Manley, Pat Womack, Tim Wells, Brian Rappold, Stuart Edwards, Kenneth Keesee, Mark Cool, Ed Witkin, Art Champagne, Chris Jones, Nathan Logan, Adam Rosemond, Anita Kinney, Mark Simonsen, Marvin Levi, David Bernay, Mimi McLaughlin, Clay Anderson, Jd Eliason, Marty Johnson, Lance White, Larry Duckworth, Berkeley Grimball, Phil Van Kampen, etc.









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Saturday January 21st - LUD / PIPE / Some Antics

The Kraken is Krakening this weekend!  We're inaugurating the 45th year of this fine roadhouse with Chapel Hill's legendary hard-hitting rockers Pipe and Lud!  We're keen to introduce the next generation of Chapel Hill punkrawkers, Some Antics, who open with their own fireworks.





Pipe was a mainstay in the raging Chapel Hill scene of the early 1990s, which produced bands like Superchunk, Polvo, Flat Duo Jets and Southern Culture on the Skids among many others.  In 1992, Pipe — Ron Liberti (vocals), Mike Kenlan (guitar), Dave Alworth (bass), and former Superchunk drummer Chuck Garrison—released their Ball Peen EP (Sonic Bubblegum). Kenlan then left to concentrate on Small (later Small 23, which also included Garrison).

Clifton Lee Mann of the Bad Checks came on to play guitar temporarily until a permanent guitarist could be found. Mann and Liberti worked well together, and Mann stayed. Pipe recorded their first single “You’re Soaking in It” in 1993 followed by their full-length debut, Six Days to Bellus (Jesus Christ), in 1994.

Pipe then toured with The Bad Brains and soon began work on their second full-length, International Cement (Jesus Christ), released in 1995 along with the “Raceway Park” single on Amish Records. Bassist Alworth quit the band after a tour with Polvo and Archers of Loaf. Greg Adams replaced Alworth, and Pipe recorded their third album, Slowboy, released on Merge in 1997. Merge then re-released Pipe’s two earlier albums and several singles.

An unfortunate series of events (Garrison’s broken hand early during a tour with The New Bomb Turks and an injury to Mann’s hand and eventual departure) led to the dissolution of Pipe in 1999. The band got back together in 2005 for a reunion show, and again in 2009 for XX Merge and has performed occasional rockin' shows since.

No matter what era, Ron, Mike, Dave and Chuck (et.al.) consistently bring the lightning and thunder!  Ask Jody how Ron miraculously kicked her in the head with her own boot at the cabin.







The rock band Lud has been in existence in one form or another since the early 1990s. Starting out as a semi-organized noise band with no actual songs, they have wandered through three decades of music making doing pretty much whatever they want.

Now on some kind of bent southern rock kick, the band includes founding members Bryon Settle and Kirk Ross along with Sara Bell on bass and drummer Tim Salemy. They recently recorded Lud’s sixth set of recordings, Defenestration Boulevard, a collection of various indictments of post-Great Recession North Carolina and other stuff.


“Yet that still wasn’t Thursday night’s best highlight, which would be Chapel Hill’s Lud -- maybe the most local of local bands. Lud’s members come from some of the most renowned bands in Triangle music history (Pressure Boys, Trailer Bride, Shark Quest and Dish, to name a few), and frontman Kirk Ross also has the distinction of being one of North Carolina’s most astute political reporters.

I’d say it’s a shame Lud’s members have to hold down day jobs, but it’s possible that careerism might screw up their equilibrium because Lud was simply awesome. You hear a lot about the guitar heroics of Built To Spill’s Doug Martsch or Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan, but I’d take Lud’s Bryon Settle over any of them.

Settle displayed a virtuosity that was simultaneously jaw-dropping and casual as he threw out fusillades of guitar-god goodness with an endearing nonchalance. Ross was no slouch, either, on a series of pile-driving raveups that seemed to have enough momentum to move the building housing Tir Na Nog forward.” - David Menconi, Raleigh News & Observer



“After two casual and sporadic decades as a band, Lud has made its most graceful and captivating album to date: Defenestration Boulevard is encyclopedic (a Merle Travis cover on the same LP as a Krautrock ripper?) and accessible (the hook of "Undaunted" hangs like an invitation to sing along). More important, these songs are dialectics not for debate but for compassion, no matter how old-fashioned that non-rock 'n' roll notion may be.” - Grayson Currin at Indyweek on Lud's new record









Some Antics

These young guys are sure to be on fire after taking their SATs earlier today, not to mention playing another short gig before opening up.  This punk quartet has been together a bit over two years and has managed to put together a fine resume of performances at local venues and have a reputation for bringing not only friends and parents, but also local politicos, and movers and shakers.  They are writing and performing their history right now!








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Monday January 23rd - Rocky Horror Picture Show Birthday Party!

We've had many requests to bring the Rocky Horror Picture Show to The Kraken and we're doing it for Christy's birthday!  Since it's a school night, we're starting at 7pm.

It's likely that folks will bring food, snacks and all kinds of fun tonight!






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Friday January 27th - The Fat Catz with Butter

I think we're all looking for something upbeat and entirely engaging, and we've got it here at The Kraken tonight.  Our good friends Butter return to bring the funk and open up the evening for The Fat Catz who recently moved to the area with the plan to get you shaking and gyrating.  Trust me, you'll thank us for the recommendation.



The Fat Catz

This is band with serious drive and they aren't braking... They started up in Floyd, Virginia on New Years Eve 2014 and haven't looked back.  Their new home is Burlington, North Carolina and they insisted on closing the evening so they've got something to say here at The Kraken and we are willing to listen.

They describe themselves as having emotionally driven compositions, improvisation and progressive elements that bring forth lush layers of electric orgasm to create infectious and dance-frenzied atmospheres that are blissfully enigmatic.

Seems legit, but they don't give themselves enough credit for simply being an incredibly tight group of musicians. Take your favorite modern pop from Brooklyn with a pinch of Canada and eighties Europe, stir in New Orleans funk to taste, a pinch of ska, and whip it all together with rave energy and you end up with a really amazing jam.  They're extremely contagious.

“The Fat Catz, finalists who represented from the Blacksburg region of Virginia. Their set ranged from light and airy instrumental jams to psychedelic tones, with jazzy funk thrown in for good measure. They started the competition off with some serious heat and energetic vibes that had the crowd on their feet.”  - Sarah Bourque, 6-20-2016, "LOCKN’ Holds Annual Community Event With Rockn’ To Lockn’ Contest Finale"


Ryan Waide Drums

Van Greer Walker Guitar

Christian White Bass

Lawrence Nichols Guitar









Butter brings on solid North Carolina funk.  Their live performance is purely electric and features sets of original and classic straight-up funk, soul and rock.  Experience The Gorgan, their guitar/keyboard hybrid that really twists it up tight.

These guys have played with or shared the stage with such artists as Suzanne Vega, Burning Spear, The Psychedelic Furs, Alex Chilton, Living Color, Cowboy Junkies, and Adrian Belew and cite influences including Lee Micheals, Big Organ Trio, and the BlackKeys.

They recently won Relix Magazine's Jam-Off song contest which resulted in coverage in the Apr/May issue, as well as Blurt Magazine's Best Kept Secret and are getting online airplay even as they work on their first official release.  Plan B(utter) is in the house tonight.


Brad Newell - guitar and vox

Vattel Cherry - bass and vox

Thomas Montgomery - drums and vox



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAioHA0AVBk (Current lineup with backup singers)


http://www.reverbnation.com/butternc (Former lineup)





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Saturday January 28th - The Whiskey Honeys

The Whiskey Honeys are coming back to help you get your dance on!  Yeah buddy, Saturday night is alright!


The Whiskey Honeys

The Whiskey Honeys are a 50's, 60's, 70"s dance band providing a line up of four girls with four guys swapping out lead and dance moves on those favorite dance songs from your youth (or your parent's youth).  We could write more about this band, but anyone who's been around The Kraken for even a small amount of time has met or seen any number of these folks - whether it was their show, or guesting in with our local favorite acts.





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Sunday January 29th - James' Metal Night! Left Cross, Salmonella, Dreaded

Welcome to the next James' Metal World Presentation!


We're waiting on more info on the bands, but this is what we've got so far:



Left Cross

Richmond, VA

"It’s unlikely that people will mistake the lyrical conceit of any metal track with some refined literary statement. But the genre in all its iterations has taken on some fairly definitive tropes, stretching way back to Michael Moorcock defining space travel for Hawkwind.

While Left Cross isn’t necessarily of that ilk, its members retain a reverence for earlier acts’ sci-fi affinities, mixing in observations on the brutality of warfare.

“It’d be weird for bands playing an aggressive type of music to sing about the same stuff that Crass sings about,” says the group’s singer, Wes Warren. “Metal’s a fantasy-driven genre.”

As for the settings in his songs, he says: “I’ve been interested in history and military subjects for a long time, as well as high fantasy like ‘Sword and Sorcery.’ So, it’s natural for me to write this stuff.”

With the release of “Infernal Assault,” Left Cross purées wartime imagery, death-metal moves and punk’s pacings into a concise set, filling a crossover void perceived by its members.

“What we wanted to do was start a band that would play metal shows that punk kids would like,” drummer Scott Bartley says. “I’ve always floated between scenes. I love the metal scene, but a lot of it doesn’t have the same aggression as punk does; that anger and raw feeling.”

In the interest of bridging the divide, Left Cross, whose members have done time in a raft of other Richmond bands, such as Unsacred and Unholy Thoughts, enlisted Barge’s Bob Quirk to assist in recording.

“He and I have been friends for a really long time,” Bartley says, before reeling off a list of other acts that Quirk’s worked with. “Left Cross and Unsacred are probably the most metal bands he’s messed with. He’s not very overbearing, but he can push us.”

Quirk echoes the drummer’s sentiments while taking a brief reprieve from lugging gear around before a performance. “They definitely tie a lot of scenes together … and they’re all great musicians,” he says. “It’s not traditional metal.”

Though the concept of crossover’s been kicking around since before DRI’s 1982 demo, Bartley’s keenly aware that shifting between metal subgenres while performing in multiple bands could offer some sameness, voiding his roles in separate ensembles.

“I really try to make sure that they’re not related at all,” he says. “Apart from having the punk tinge, I wanted Left Cross to just be a primitive death-metal band.”

Recently, the band, which also includes Seth Anderson and Jerret Clark on guitars as well as bassist Dylan Williams, set down seven new tracks, anticipating a slew of releases. But despite all the studio time, no one seems too eager to hop in a van.

“I don’t think we have any aspirations other than to do what we want to do,” Warren says. “It sounds really contrived — but there’s no agenda to go off and tour the world. We’re just trying to play what we want to play and not worry about what that other stuff entails.”   - "War Riffs: Richmond's Left Cross Finds a Fantasy Niche Between Punk and Metal" - Dave Cantor, Style Weekly








This hardcore punk band will disorient you with dual vocal assault and sickening riffs that will leave you oozing excrement and vomitous.

Current and former members of Fly Trap, Vacant Planet and Basura.








Black metal, Greensboro, NC

Tanner Alberty, Logan Clark, Cameron Myers, Robb Paquette, Deano









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Come on out for good times!


Kraken Early 2017 Update


We're celebrating 44 years of this amazing rocking roadhouse and we have wonderful ideas and events to share!

We continue to honor your suggestions regarding our liquor and beer selections, since we always keep it close and in the family.


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