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Friday February 12th - Zoltar's Fortune with Whisky Christy & The Half Pint Orchestra

The Kraken is hosting a Valentine's weekend that will blow you and your sweetheart off planet.  We're not blowing smoke, we're serious.  There will be nothing like these bands and the intimate environment anywhere else in town.  Tonight's show is an intense vaudevillian evening with hints of burlesque, not to mention fire dancing.  Inflame your hearts with Whisky Christy and The Half Pint Orchestra and by the time Zoltar's Fortune hits the stage you will be spinning passionately.  Refer to the links if you doubt my words, but expect much, much more during the live performance.


Zoltar's Fortune

Zoltar's Fortune is a four piece band from Durham and Chapel Hill specializing in modern interpretations of traditional instrumental gypsy fiddle music.  Most of their set is comprised of traditional Romani and Russian fiddle songs, though they have recently been experimenting with klezmer, jazz and re-arranged classical songs mixed with elements of Western music along with their original compositions.  They often have special guest musicians join in with instruments or spectacular theatrics.

Zoltar's Fortune has been playing regularly in the Triangle since early 2013 and have regularly shocked and amazed audiences at The Kraken and throughout the area with their amazing performances and fire dancers and and other performance art.  They continually improve their musicianship and their presence, and you certainly don't want to miss seeing them grow from show to show.  We are very lucky to be their initial springboard to larger venues.




Whisky Christy and The Half Pint Orchestra

The Greensboro scene is pretty awesome these days, in part due to the amazing Whisky Christy and The Half Pint Orchestra.  Check out the links and check back for more details.  Wow.


Whisky Christy - Bandleader, Lead Vocals, Songwriter

Pajama Don - Upright Bass, Vocals, Songwriter

Jim Suiter - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Songs also writen by Mystkdog and Half Pint himself!








$Free, please tip bands and bartenders generously!



Saturday February 13th - Michael Rank & Stag with Zachary Lucky

Valentine's Day is a holiday whether you're in love or hoping, dreaming, mourning or even angrily decrying the tradition.  No matter where you stand, your love life will grow with tonight's warming yet heartbreaking country ballads from local favorites Michael Rank and Stag, and their special guest, Zachary Lucky, who joins us on his tour from Canada.

You may embrace, deny or discard the "Hallmark Holiday" as you wish, but you are still encouraged to come out on your own or bring a partner to celebrate tragic love and heartbreak. You can dance and cry or neither and it will still be cathartic.



Michael Rank and Stag

You can call their music "outlaw folk", "damaged country", "alternative appalachian", or "shattered mountain music", but one thing holds true:  their music touches your soul.

Many of us first witnessed Michael Rank performing with Snatches of Pink or Clarissa in the late 80s and early 90s and even later, presenting intense sets opening for bands such as The Ramones, Iggy Pop, The Cramps, Steppenwolf and Soundgarden among many others.  You can read the official Trouser Press review of those days at http://www.trouserpress.com/entry.php?a=snatches_of_pink or another more introspective review at http://blurtonline.com/2015/08/fred-mills-why-snatches-of-pink-was-the-greatest-nc-band-of-the-late-80s-early-90s/

These guys have worked passionately over the years concentrating on just making real music.  Michael Rank and Stag are better for growing beyond the years of comparisons to Keith Richards and the Stones, Steve Earle and more.  They supercede the superlatives and all of the media reviews and even their own extensive collection of album releases.

Basically, they are solid people and really good musicians who will move you.  Ignore all the hype and come out to see what we're talking about.  Here are some current links if you want a preview.







Zachary Lucky

Please come out early to soak in Zach's beautiful songs.  Michael invited him as one of his favorite musicians, and we provided a surprising amount of paperwork for homeland security to bring this Canadian's amazing music straight to you, where it clearly belongs.

Zachary is a Canadian songwriter, folk and Country artist based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is the grandson of Canadian country music legend Smilin Johnny Lucky. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zachary_Lucky)

His opening set will grab you and not let go.










$Free - please tip bands and bartenders generously!



Tuesday February 16th - Old Time Stringband Jam

The Kraken is pleased to host an established group of Old Time String Band players on the first and third and occasional fifth Tuesdays of the month... you know, the odd ones.  The music starts promptly at 7pm and ends around 10pm.


We've been blessed to host these wonderful musicians for several months now.  There are consistently 20-30 folks gathering to play, including occasional new folks joining in.  We're impressed at how many people rotate through the group from all over the country, sometimes just back from touring across the world reviving and celebrating the music's long lost roots.


Each week, more and more folks simply come out to witness their efforts to continue this historical tradition.


In addition to guitars, banjos, fiddles, and the like, there are also sticks, spoons, stand-up basses, and harmonicas being played... not to mention eventual clogging lessons that regularly occur in the background.




$Free... no cost to enjoy or join in with good neighbors and musicians


Friday February 19th - The Whiskey Honeys with The High Bushy Tails

The Whiskey Honeys are coming back to warm you up and get you movin' on a cold February night!  To top the evening off, they've invited The High Bushy Tails to rock the evening til the early hours!


The Whiskey Honeys

The Whiskey Honeys are a 50's, 60's, 70"s dance band providing a line up of four girls with four guys swapping out lead and dance moves on those favorite dance songs from your youth (or your parent's youth).  We could write more about this band, but anyone who's been around The Kraken for even a small amount of time has met or seen any number of these folks - whether it was their show, or guesting in with our local favorite acts.




The High Bushy Tails

The High Bushy Tails are an Alternative Country/Americana band known for their walls of soaring and soulful harmony. They pride themselves on careful song selection and songwriting to facilitate a delightful, immersive, and at times even cathartic experience for audiences.  This young band is well loved by good folks of all ages and always brings a great show!

The band is comprised of Nora Augustine on vocals, Lisa Brownstone on vocals and violin, Brian Evans on vocals and guitar, Zach White on vocals and guitar, and Jim Kuras on bass guitar. The quintet performs regularly at The Kraken and around the Triangle area.





$Free, Please tip your bands and bartenders generously!



Saturday February 20th - Handsome Al & The Lookers feat Emma Davis

Tonight we're pleased to have Handsome Al & The Lookers and Big Mama E heating up the dance floor with their first appearance on our stage.  Their Blues, R&B and Soul tunes are the perfect remedy for January and February cabin fever.  Stick arond a bit later, or come out early for their show beginning around 8pm.


Handsome Al and The Lookers featuring Emma Davis

Handsome Al and The Lookers are no strangers to the stage.  They've been performing for years as members of more bands than dance steps you can bring for one of their hot shows.

Big Mama E brings her locally born and bred pipes to front the Blues, R&B and Soul group of kindred spirits who have lived and played from the deep south and up the Atlantic coast as far back as the 70s.

They have played professionally and simply for the passion.  The collective resume is extensive and even includes serious Jazz acts over the years.  Bands include "Chicken Fried Blues Band", "Big Mama E and the Cool", "Nantucket", "BJ Thomas", "Marie LeBleu & the Comitz", "The Big Beat", and more.


Emma Davis - vocals

Alan Heckle - guitar, vocals

Dave Youngman - keyboard, sax, guitar, vocals

Steve Boletchek - bass

Richard Gates - drums










$Free - Please tip your bands and bartenders generously!



The Kraken online links and news!

There are a few other North American Krakens: a bar in California and one in Washington, a food truck in British Columbia, and a "gastropub" in South Carolina.  I think it's safe to say that we are the most storied of them all.  We do look forward to visiting each of them and rubbing tentacles.

There's a lot of news in advance of our upcoming Krakenversary.  Check it out!


Kraken November Update!


* We're celebrating our Krakenversary celebration on Friday, November 27th!  This night will be an explosive start to another month of spectacular bands.. A great Chapel Hill throwback night featuring the original Zen Frisbee trio with the Blue Green Gods and the Fontanelles.  It's gonna be a big time!


* The Kraken will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26th. Have a beautiful and safe Thanksgiving, everyone. We are so blessed with such a fine community of friends and family.


* Speaking of giving thanks, Lyndon wins the Kraken MVP for grating the parking lot. We'll be adding crush and run to be prepare for winter. We're considering closing off the highway entrance for safety and extra parking.


* Thanks to all of you for suggestions regarding our liquor supply. Look for fine new selections soon.


* Our draft beers from Haw River Farmhouse and Mystery Brewing are drawing great praise, and we're looking forward to some new selections from our local breweries. Also, there's going to be a new local brewery in White Cross. Stay tuned!


* Our new dart board is mounted and functional. We found some of the old darts while cleaning up the storeroom. We are working on improvements such as installing a scoreboard.


* Projector/screen and radio syncing for basketball games should be in action this week with movie nights and old school video game action following shortly afterwards.


* Musicians, look out for Open Mic nights to be revived on second Wednesdays with an awesome host!


* Finally, all of us at The Kraken are very excited to be hosting The Tokyo Rosenthal Program on Thursdays, starting early January 2016. There will be very special guests every week playing Americana, Roots, Blues, and Country music. The programs will be (pre) recorded live, and will be broadcast on WCHL and syndicated on stations around the country and world. The Kraken is gonna be on the radio, y'all!


Follow our schedule here and on our other online links.

Happy Holidays everyone, and hope to see you soon!!!




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