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Friday May 29th - Mysti Mayhem

Mysti Mayhem received unanimous praise from all who witnessed her last performance at The Kraken and we are extremely pleased to have her back.  Prepare to once again be blown away with her powerful and moving performance!


Mysti Mayhem

Mysti Mayhem is an extremely gifted singer and guitarist whose original songs span the range of rock, blues and folk. This fiery redhead's enchanting stage presence rivets the attention of any audience.

Off-Broadway stage performances started early for Mysti and continued through her high school years. Having graduated from Honesdale, PA, she began sharing the stage with Mike Farris (Screamin Cheetah Wheelies), and Damon Johnson (Brother Cane and Gov't Mule).

At the age of 19 she moved to Gainesville, Florida where she met Bo Diddley, "The Originator," who helped coach her voice and showed her how to project herself onstage.

This is also where she met Mandocello, created the duo Spellbox, and set out on tour in support of their album "Egyptian Death March" (available on CDBaby).

One of the exciting ventures during their tour happened in Nashville where Mysti Mayhem walked into the lobby at Curb Records with her guitar, and, after being turned away, sang them a song anyway. (video on Youtube).

She has shared the stage with Hamell On Trial, Bo Diddley, Dan Bern, Trainwreck and a many other interesting folks.


"I started as Bo Diddley's student when I was 18, and I had a long background in off Broadway operas and stage acting from my youth. He sent me out on tour to California, where I made a demo with Kyle Gass (Tenacious D) as producer and John Spiker (Trainwreck) as engineer/backing vocals/bass. That led me to Nashville to do another album, (technically my 3rd by this stage) with members of Highway 101, Cactus Moser (drums) and Curtis Stone (Bass). From there I landed a $50K record deal which was fan funded by people across the globe. This gave me the opportunity to perform at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, and perform in London, Portugal, and The Netherlands. The record's name was Diversity, still featuring those same members of Highway 101 and produced by Chris Stamey from the DB's. In 2014 I recorded with Two Egrets Studio after winning a competition with Deep South Entertainment for the single 'Time For A Change', currently available on itunes."







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Saturday May 30th - Good Rocking Sam with The Dave Russell Trio

Mysti Mayhem's Friday night show is hard to follow, but these bands will certainly make it an amazing Saturday night!  This is an amazing collection of skilled musicians from all around the country who are now based in Durham and Raleigh, and they play great original music inspired by the local Piedmont Blues tradition, and many others. The music begins early at 8pm so that we can get the most of both bands.


Good Rocking Sam

Good Rocking Sam plays what they like to call Modern Blues with Deep Roots, consisting of originals that draw inspiration from the great Chicago and Texas blues artists of the 1950's and 60's, Memphis Soul, and most everything they've heard and learned on their journeys across America.

The band features Dave Sword on drums and vocals, Mike Conway on guitar, Chuck Taylor on bass and vocals, and David Mozier on Hammond organ and piano. Collectively, they create a groove that will make you want to get out of your seat.

They've played the The Bristol Rhythm and Roots festival in Tennessee several times, and other festivals in Hillsborough and Chatham County, and help sponsor an annual charity event, The Jason & Jessie Jam, which funds The Triangle Community Foundation.  You may have seen them perform at The Kraken or many other great music venues throughout Orange, Durham and Chatham counties over the past decade.

Good Rocking Sam returns to The Kraken to showcase their new CD, "Other Side Of Time", and expect to get your toes a tapping, if not dancing.





The Dave Russell Trio

You will be quite entertained and impressed by the trio of Steve Munoz on acoustic guitar, David Binanay on violin and Adam Tierney also on acoustic guitar.  While Good Rocking Sam draws inspiration from Chicago and elsewhere, we have at least one Chicago native in this band who was so inspired by local Piedmont Blues that the Trio is now based in Raleigh.  They have great fun with their music!








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